Casa Serena Vista McKinnis
Christmas 2021 from Steve & Donna

Animated carolers
Happy New Year 2022

Animated Santa waving

Last Updated: Dec 12 2021.
Estimate 54,000 total LED lights.
35 hours over 12 days to put up.
Animated tree

The full front house from the road.

The full front house from the road with the full moon.

The full front house from the drone.

Front of house looking east.

House door
Front of house.

Tree on house
West front of house looking west.

West front mound
Center front by road, west.

West front mound with moon
Center front by road, west with moon.

Center front by road, middle section with river.

Roof tree
The tree on the roof.

Roof tree
Drone shot to the west including center.

Roof tree
Drone west side.

Roof tree
Drone to the east including center.

Roof tree
Drone shot on the tree on the roof.

The "heart" cactus planting.

West front
West front by road.

East front
East front by road.

Candled tree
Lit Tree wtih real candles.

Tree without being litTree not lit.

Typewriter, the first ornament.

Heart lit
Heart and candle.

White heart and sunflower.
White heart and sunflower. 

Bronte Bear
Bear made by our neice Bronte and other onaments.

Bulb lit
Glass ornaments

Bulb lit2
More glass ornaments.

Angel lit
Angel lit.

Bell and chair. 

Sunflower and corn
Sunflower and corn.

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